The last episode of Broadcast for this academic year is released. Broadcast is a news show show from the students of Sandy Upper School.

In this episode we have loads to talk about. Find out how the school sports day went, take a look at the year 11 prom and the sixth form ball, we visit the Bedfordshire County School Games, take a look at some of the art work on show at the School summer concert, see some of the questions put to the MEP Richard Howitt when he visited the school and much more...

You can find the video here


On the 21st of January 2013 the whole of sandy upper school was off school enjoying the lovely snow we got over the weekend as some of the teachers were unable to attend or reach school and the bus companies refused to run, also there was a lot of low temperatures they were getting as low as -10 degrees in sandy.


People were finding out about the school closure via the sandy upper website,the Facebook page, the local radio and even by the council website. The local radio was so packed with school closures that they could not read them all out. There was around one thousand schools closed in Herts, Beds and Bucks but in sandy there was only the one school compared with the rest of the county this was because of the amount of students that live outside of the area. The site agents worked hard on Monday to ensure the school was safe the following day.

Matthew Springett

enrichmentSandy Upper School students have been busy over the enrichment week 2012. Different students each day were trained in how to plan, record and edit a news report and produced a special edition of the Broadcast for each day of the week.

Shows have included footage from the activities of each day as well as interviews and live performances in the studio.

All of the weeks shows are available online in the Broadcast Extra area of the website.


Picture from Broadcast videoThe latest bumper packed edition of the Sandy Upper School Broadcast is now available to watch online. It's our biggest edition yet and loads has had to be cut out to keep the length down.

This episode includes the GCSE Art work, Exam tips and advice, Ski trip footage, a visit to the Olympic park and much more..

Take a look at the video here.

examrulesThe broadcast team have put together a video giving advice on what rules and regulations students need to think about when undertaking exams at Sandy Upper School.

You can watch the video here

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