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Sandy Upper School


Course Title: Cambridge Nationals in ICT (L2)
Syllabus Code: OCR J800
Exam Board: OCR Web link

Year 1 Term1

R006 – Creating digital images

  • Learners acquire the underpinning knowledge and skills to enable them to create, edit, enhance and save different types of digital images

Year 1 Term2

R001 - Understanding computer systems

  • Learners develop their knowledge and understanding of the systems they use both at home and at school and explore how these same technologies are used by business organisations.

Year 1 Term3

Revision - R001 –Understanding computer systems examination

R002 - Using ICT to create business solutions

  • Learners study the computer system on which applications software sits and consider the implications of working with data to create content. Learners work with ‘office’ applications software to edit and format/create content to meet specified business purposes.

Year 2 Term1

  • Learners continue R002 - Using ICT to create business solutions.
  • Controlled assessment.

Year 2 Term2

R005 - Creating an interactive product using multimedia components

  • Learners demonstrate their creative flair by combining multimedia components to create a vibrant, energetic or stimulating webpage, or interactive product.

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