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Sandy Upper School


Course Title: Geography GCSE
Syllabus Code: 1GA0
Exam Board: Edexcel A Web link

Year 1 Term1

  • Ecosystems – Biomes, Tropical Rainforests and Deciduous Woodlands
  • Global Development – Development Patterns, Population Changes, Trade and Aid

Year 1 Term2

  • Coasts – Coastal Features, Managing Coastlines
  • Climate Change and Weather Hazards – Causes and Impacts of Climate Change, Extreme Weather.

Year 1 Term3

  • Fieldwork - Coasts

Year 2 Term1

  • Changing Cities – UK Cities, Sao Paulo, cities over time.
  • Fieldwork - Cities

Year 2 Term2

  • UK Landscapes – Glaciation – Formation of glacial features, ice today, managing glacial areas.
  • Revision

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