Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief
Sandy Upper School


History Department Plan of Action (School closure)

Year 7:

Produce a Medieval Magazine homework The project consists of templates on a programme that students can complete focusing on different aspects of Medieval life. When completed this can be emailed to classroom teacher/printed on return to school.

Resources: Medieval magazine h/w file on system in Coronavirus folder in History Dept. folder Year 7. Teacher allocated: Individual classroom teacher

Year 8:

An independent project Students to produce a project/ piece of art/ comic book based on events of WW2. This will involve conducting independent research and producing a finished piece of work to hand in on their return to school.

Resources: Students to use the files Year 8 WW2 found in the Year 8 folder in the Coronavirus folder in the History Dept.

Teacher allocated: Classroom teacher


Year 9 & 10 – students are at various stages of the crime & Punishment course. Individual teachers to set work directly for their students. From Crime & Punishment lessons.

Knowledge organisers available and teachers to set appropriate PPQ Relevant details can be found in Edexcel GCSE 2016 folder in folder on system.

Year 11 – Classroom teachers to continue to set lessons. Package available In folder – Weimar & Nazi Germany booklets/TES download


Year 13 students have been given relevant materials for their lessons for Tudor Rebellions and will be sent relevant work by classroom teacher.

Year 12 students to work on Women’s rights in Britain and the impact of immigration in the 20th century, through a series of power points.

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