Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief
Sandy Upper School

Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care Plan (School Closure)


Year 12:

Work for Miss Burke:
Complete final amendments for Unit 14.
To be emailed to Miss Burke for Friday 27th March (all students have been completing work electronically).
Mrs Burke to mark final submissions.

Work for Miss Chinn:
Students to complete LAC reading and notes for Friday 3rd April. Paper copies have been distributed to all students, electronic copies are available on the handouts drive/will be uploaded to Edulink/Google Docs in the event of closure.
Work from 3rd April onwards: Students to complete past exam papers (at least 1 per week) which will be available over Edulink and Google Docs. Students must type responses up and show evidence of self-marking/S&S for the 1, 2, 3 ,4 & 6 mark questions in a different colour font. 10 mark essays must be sent to Miss Chin for marking and feedback.

Year 13:

Work for Miss Burke:
Students are to complete the remainder of Unit 14.
LAA & B amendments and draft LAC should be with Miss Burke for Friday 28th March
LAC amendments and LAD draft should be with Miss Burke by Friday 17th April

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