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Sandy Upper School


Sociology Action Plan (School Closure)

Year 12

WB Weds 18th-Tues 24th March
1) Email submission of class 30 mark essay for Miss Chinn for marking (which will be emailed back)
2) Complete Ethnicity & educational achievement notes on Institutional Racism from the sheet in class) (copies available on Edulink/GoogleDocs)
3) Watch the following documentary: Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister BBC (you can search for this on YouTube also) and email Miss Chinn at
WB Weds 25th March-Friday 3rd April
1) Complete reading on girls and educational achievement (both the Word Doc and the Esher College Video from YouTube (notes on Edulink/GoogleDocs)
2) Complete the short questions on class, ethnicity and gender –email to Miss Chinn watch the following video to help you with the 10 mark responses, looking at how external factors can influence internal factors

Easter Holiday work (to be emailed to Miss Chinn by Friday 24th April)
Create a timeline of educational policies, outlining what each of the policies did and who do they advantage/disadvantage in terms of social class, ethnicity and gender. Using your knowledge of the sociological perspective, explain which theory would agree with changes in policy. See PowerPoint for guidance.
In addition, look for public opinion (how people have felt about) some of these policy changes from newspaper articles? Explain why a policy change would be welcomed or why people are critical of it.
Policies to include:
• 1944 Butler Education Act (the tripartite system)
• 1965 The Comprehensive School system
• 1960’s-70’s assimilation policies and achievement
• 1986 Section 28
• 1988 Education Reform Act (Introduction of the national curriculum and school league tables)
• Multicultural Education policies
• 1992 Introduction of Ofsted
• 2004-2010 Education Maintenance Allowance
• 2005/6 Academies Programme
• 2010 Free Schools
• 2011 Pupil Premium
• 2011 Browne Review
• 2014 Changes to Free School Meals
• 2015 Raising the participation age to 18
• 2019 Changes to the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework to examine Cultural Capital
• 2020 Introduction of LGBT in Sex and Relationships Education

WB 27th April –Onwards
Methods in Context work. Using the powerpoints and notes, complete reading on what methods in context is. Miss Chinn to set weekly MIC questions which will need to be planned, then written (type up). You can send a photo of your plan if you have handwritten rather than typed it, but essays typed up please –then both will need to be emailed to Miss Chinn.
List of MIC videos to watch (in the order below):

Year 13

Work to complete from 18th March -3rd April
Use revision sites (such as Tutor2U) and attached handouts to examine Postmodernist approaches in society.
Also watch the following YouTube Videos on:
Modernity Vs Postmodernity:
General notes on Postmodernity and Late Modernity:
Complete and email the following 10 mark questions:
Outline and explain two differences between modernity and postmodernity (10 marks)
Outline and explain two explanations that support the view that we have entered a stage of postmodernity (10 marks)
Outline and explain two criticisms of postmodernist theories in sociology (10 marks)
Outline and explain two arguments that suggest that we have not yet entered a stage of postmodernity (10 marks)

Work to complete from 3rd April –Onwards
You should now be revising for your final exams. Follow the revision calendar to revise topics and plan essays. Miss Chinn will be publishing weekly exam questions based on the week in the revision calendar for you to prepare for THEN complete in timed conditions (please either type or handwrite and send a decent quality photograph(s) of your work!)

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