Achieving Excellence Beyond Belief
Sandy Upper School


Geography Department (School Closure Action Plan)


Students to complete a short Climate change course – PowerPoint with questions to be completed over the course of 2 weeks. This has been set on Edulink. Work will then be set via Edulink, linked to Seneca learning or Geography in the News. Individual class teachers will put the details for joining the class on the Seneca Learning platform on Edulink. A separate Edulink assignment will be used to issue further work for this platform.


Year 11 are to continue revising using the Seneca Learning Platform. Should they wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding they can request work from their class teacher. Year 9 and 10 MUST continue to work through Seneca assignments as they are set by their class teacher. This will cover content already delivered, as well as content not yet taught. When we return to school, this will be tracked online using the learining platform. Links for the Seneca learning platform will be posted on Edulink, with a separate post to alert students to the current assignment. Longer terms, students can be sent link and work via Google Classroom and students can request work via their class teacher.


Year 12 To consolidate and continue learning via Seneca and Google Classroom. New articles on recent events, linked to geographic contexts. Online participate and discussions to be conducted.
Year 13 have their NEA and one final topic still to teach – this is a concern. Consolidate and continue learning via Seneca. Powerpoint guided learning and exam style questions will assist with delivery of the final topic. The NEA has a mid-May deadline. This MUST be submitted ahead of Easter Holidays to be marked. Students have been given guidance, but require stimulus to keep on track. This also requires a hard copy printed for marking.

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